Squatting in the office to relieve fatigue

Squatting in the office to relieve fatigue

In the eyes of modern people who are standing and sitting, squatting may be an unsightly posture.

However, for people working in the office, squatting is beneficial to the movement of body organs, can circulate blood throughout the body, and move the joints of the body.

  When we are sitting for a long time, the spine and cervical spine always maintain a curvature, bear huge pressure, and the leg joints are particularly tired.

Zhang Shiqing, deputy chief physician of the Massage Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that doing more squats can move your joints, relax your muscles, improve your body’s ability to balance, improve your shape, improve your heart and lung function, and make your body younger.

  Do squatting exercises under the premise of natural body relaxation, unlimited times, you can gradually increase according to your own situation.

When middle-aged people start to exercise, they must “sit down” and squat slowly.

  When a person adopts a squatting position, the diaphragm muscles are raised, which can increase the range of motion of the chest and lungs.

The cervical spine and spine are well stretched.

Director Zhang pointed out that when squatting together, the whole body muscles changed from tension to relaxation, just like a whole body muscle massage.

  Because the body is leaning forward, the lumbar spine joints are relatively loose, and they will feel comfortable, which is why many people with protruding lumbar discs are forced to squat.

  If the image in the office prevents you from squatting, you can put a few pots of flowers under the seat, which not only purifies the air, but also squats down and relaxes naturally when you water the flowers.

  You can also put the files you use often at the top of the bottom. While looking for the files, you will feel very comfortable squatting down.

  In addition to those working in the office, squatting is a very healthy way of exercising for drivers and students who are sedentary.