Pumpkin (Papaya)

Pumpkin (Papaya)

Pumpkin (Papaya) is the fruit of the squash plant.

It is widely cultivated throughout China.

Summer and autumn fruits are harvested when they are ripe, the stalks are removed, the seeds are cut, and the seeds are taken out and used fresh.

  The taste is sweet and warm.

  Ingredients This product is rich in protein, sugars, traces, vitamins, calcium and phosphorus.

For diabetes, hypertension.

Can eliminate the mutation of carcinogen-nitrite, so it has the function of preventing cancer.

Have the ability to enhance the regeneration of liver and kidney cells.

It has the effect of killing intestines.

Considered the “King of Vegetables” and known as the “Best Beauty Food”.

  Function: Buzhong Yiqi, phlegm and purulent, dehumidify and remove insects, reduce fever and cough.

It is used for long-term cough, high blood pressure, bone steam hot flashes, edema, intestinal parasites, and diabetes.

  [Diabetes]1000 grams of fresh pumpkin, finely cut, dried ground, serving 20 grams once a day, Jiufu, can be cured.

  [Hypertension]1 pumpkin (about 500 grams), 60 ml of honey, 30 grams of rock sugar, open the top of the melon, dig out part of the melon, and cover with honey, rock sugar, and steam in a steamer for 2 hoursJust fine.
Eat once a day in the morning and evening, half a small bowl each time, and serve for 5-7 months.

  【Breast Cancer】 Pumpkin charcoal is burned with charcoal, and it is taken two times at a time. 30ml rice wine is served, once in the morning and evening.

  [Lung, cough, spit and spit]500 grams of pumpkin peeled and cut into pieces, 250 grams of lean beef washed and cut into pieces, 25 grams of ginger.

Add beef and ginger to 1500 ml of water, stew until the eighth is ripe, then add pumpkin and stew until cooked, add salt, season the right amount of MSG, and eat continuously at each meal.

  [Solution to opium poison]The raw pumpkin is irrigated frequently.

  [Ascariasis, schistosomiasis, ascariasis]50 grams of fresh pumpkin seeds, ground, add water to make an emulsion, add rock sugar or honey, take on an empty stomach.

Or stir-fried pumpkin seeds with yellow, finely ground, 30 grams each time, 2 times a day, add sugar and boiling water to wash.

Schistosomiasis is treated for 15 days.

  [Lung abscess, bronchiectasis, emphysema, phlegm, turbid sputum, and lungs]500 grams of fresh pumpkin, 200 grams of pheasant, 60 grams of garlic, and 15 grams of green onion.

First remove the viscera, internal organs, peel and cut into pieces; remove and wash the garlic; wash the pumpkin and cut into pieces.

Put pheasant, pumpkin and garlic into the pot. After the huohuo is boiled, simmer for half an hour, season with green onions.

  [Habitual abortion]30 grams of old pumpkin pedicle, add decoction for several days.

  Should avoid spleen and stomach who are not hot.