What to do if you doze off at work

What to do if you doze off at work

What to do if you doze off at work?

Many people doze off when they go to work, so what should we do?

In fact, there are ways to relieve dozing at work. The following editor will teach you how to doze at work. You might as well try it.

  What to do if you doze off at work 1. The fist releases the tired weight again. Hold the fist tightly and place it behind the ear diagonally, close to the center of the knee.Feeling relaxed can release the burden of weakness.

  2. When tapping with a finger to drive away the tired and dizzy, it is a good refreshing method to pat (knock) the head with the tip of your finger.

First knock on the top of the head, then divide the back of the head into left and right areas, and pat gently.

There is no specific technique, but the strength should be gentle, otherwise it will become more and more faint.

The golden triangle thymus can be drawn from the bottom to the nipple. You can tap the blockchain with your fingers to relieve the stagnation and depression of the chest. The chest is wide and smooth and full of spirit.

  3, hot stone massage helps to relax and choose a warm and smooth stone, preferably the surface is relatively flat, placed in hot water, so that the stone is full of warmth, slide the stone slowly along the shoulder and neck line,Let the heat be transmitted to the shoulder and neck area, warm and comfortable, and sweep away the tired parts.

  4. Smell essential oils. The benefits of refreshing essential oils are to express pressure and stimulate the brain.

Because the air is dull and the mind is drowsy, when the mind is not clear, it does not prevent the selection of essential oils such as lemongrass or camphor with scent of cold lemon and rosemary essential oil to keep the surrounding air fresh.

  5. Drink more water. Tiredness is the highest sign of dehydration. Drink a large glass of water in the morning to keep your body hydrated and promote metabolism.

If you find boiled water more difficult to taste, you can try to add flavored water that suits your taste, or add some orange and lemon juice to the fruit juice.

  What’s the matter of dozing off a lot? 1. I’m too busy at work. Now I’m under a lot of pressure. Everyone is working hard every day.

Often, timed rest is ignored, and you ca n’t sleep when you have time, and doze off when you do n’t have time.

  2. The quality of sleep is not good at night. It is normal to doze off during the day. This is normal and the body needs to adjust to rest.

  3, lack of blood This is one of the important reasons for yawning!

Insufficient qi and blood, as a result of the deficiency of both qi and blood, there is insufficient brain support and lethargy.

It is usually manifested in the fact that you just want to sleep when you wake up, and doze off constantly.

  4, the spleen and stomach are not in accordance with Chinese medicine, often dozing off means that the spleen and stomach function is not good.

Ancient books have long recorded that the spleen and stomach are deficient, and they are used to lying.

Because summer heat consumes yuan and damages the spirit; if winter also shows drowsiness, it means that the body is insufficiency of yang and the spleen and stomach are hot, often thinking a lot, people who use the brain or lose improper control often hurt the spleen and affect the spleenability.
When the spleen and stomach function is not good, dozing off easily when eating, this should be the reason.

  5, people who lack exercise often do not exercise, the whole body is loose, the whole person is soft and collapsed, all drowsiness, doze off.

  6, sometimes cold doze when cold.

This is to remind you to take more rest and sleep more.

  7. Beware of the thick blood coming in daily life, some elderly people always feel dizzy and bloated, and they feel chest tightness, panic, shortness of breath when they are a little active, feel weak all day long, always want to sleep, and sometimes have trouble seeing things.Unstable.

Going to the hospital for repeated inspections, but found no organic problems, but the blood viscosity is high.

  Sleeping Food Therapy Recipe 1, 1 Cordyceps Braised Chicken, Black-bone Chicken, Wash and Cut, 10g each of Cordyceps, Codonopsis, Huangjing, 5g each of cooked land, wrapped in gauze, put together in the pot, add magnolia slices, mushroomCooking wine, ginger, salt, shallots, etc., and appropriate amount of water, stewed until crispy and ready to eat, once every other day.

  2. Two grams of red rice porridge with glutinous rice, 100 grams, 500 grams of barley kernels, and 50 grams of red dates.

Crush the glutinous rice, wash the barley kernels, put the jujube into the pot together after pitting, add water to cook the porridge, and when the porridge is thick, add the appropriate amount of brown sugar and cook for a while.

  3, 100 grams of fresh yam, yam and walnut porridge, 50 grams each of lentils and walnut meat, 60 grams of rice.

Wash and slice the yam, add lentil and walnut meat to the pot, add water to cook the porridge, add salt, MSG, ginger, and spring onion when the porridge is cooked.

  4, walnut salvia bergamot drink 5 walnut kernels, bergamot tablets 6 grams, salvia 10 grams.

Smash danshen bergamot soup, walnut kernel and white sugar into mud, add danshen bergamot soup and mix well, fry over low heat for 10 minutes, and drink after cooling.