What foods and hobbies should I avoid during breastfeeding?

What foods and hobbies should I avoid during breastfeeding?

Mummy just drink more soup and more water after giving birth, such as juice, milk and other nutrition products; eat more than one or two meals than usual, such as pig foot peanut soup, fish soup, pork rib soup and other soups, can promote milkSecretion, good effect.

  During the breastfeeding period, for the health of the mother and her baby, moms should avoid taking certain foods that affect milk secretion or some special hobbies of the individual, so as not to disrupt the good feeding effect.

  Foods and hobbies that need to be avoided during lactation1 Foods that will inhibit milk secretion: foods such as chives, malt water, ginseng, etc.

  2, irritating things: postpartum diet should be light, do not eat those irritating items, including: spicy seasonings, peppers, wine, coffee and cigarettes.

  ① Alcohol: Generally speaking, a small amount of alcohol can promote milk secretion and has no effect on babies. When it is too much, it can inhibit milk secretion and affect uterine contraction. Therefore, drink less or not.

  ② Coffee: pressurize the central nervous system of the human body.

1 cup of 150 ml of coffee, that is, 100 ml of caffeine, it is best not to exceed 3 cups a day for normal people.

Although there is no evidence that it is harmful to babies, breastfeeding moms should be restrained on the ground or stop drinking.

  ③Excessive seasonings: such as peppers, breastfeeding moms should add temperance.

  3, fried foods, foods with high stools: this kind of food is not easy to digest, and the deviation is high, you should take appropriate amounts.

  4. Cigarettes and tobacco: If breastfeeding moms still smoke during breastfeeding, nicotine will quickly appear in breast milk and be absorbed by the baby.

Studies have shown that nicotine has a bad effect on your baby’s respiratory tract. Therefore, it is best for nursing moms to quit smoking and avoid inhaling second-hand smoke.

  5. Medications: For nursing mothers, although most of the drugs will not affect the baby at ordinary dosages, it is still recommended that nursing mothers actively tell the doctor that they are breastfeeding before braking, and brakeThe doctor prescribes medicines that are suitable for taking and chooses medicines that last longer to minimize the amount of medicine that is passed through the milk.

  In addition, if the mother takes the medicine after feeding the baby’s breast milk, she should feed the baby when the concentration of the internal medicine in the milk reaches the minimum, so that the baby will be safer.

  6, allergies: sometimes newborns will have some allergies, postpartum mommy does not prevent more observation of baby rash on the skin, and evaluate their diet as a reference for early detection and early treatment.

Therefore, it is recommended that the postpartum mum breastfeed and avoid eating any food that may cause allergies to the baby.

  Reasons for breast milk Why does postpartum mommy breast milk?

Pregnant women have colostrum from the end of pregnancy. When the placenta is removed, prolactin increases, stimulates the production of milk, the mammary ducts and surrounding tissues swell, and reaches the highest point on the third and fourth days after delivery.

Therefore, when the postpartum mum is too late for the baby to suck breast milk, it is easy to produce breast milk.

The earlier the frequency of inhalation or sucking increases, the less likely it is that the milk will swell.