Jian Ye 2 Wang Hedi took over Chen Feiyu, Yang surpassed in person

“Jian Ye 2” Wang Hedi took over Chen Feiyu, Yang surpassed “in person”
On January 8, the costume drama “Jiangye 2″, which was adapted from Mao Yi’s original novel, released the character concept posters of Ning Que (Wang Hedi) and Sang Sang (Song Yiren).”Jian Ye 2″ has completed shooting in 2019 and entered the post-production stage, which is scheduled to be broadcast on Tencent Video this year.”Jiangye 2” poster.The picture comes from the network “General Night 2” directed by Yang Yang, starring Wang Hedi, Song Yiren, Yang Chaoyue, Yuan Bingyan and so on.The story of “Jiangye 2” continues the theme of the series “The Night Is Coming”, and the plot continues the previous season: after the end of the Yanxi Lake War, Sang Sang suffered a cold attack to rescue Ning Que, and “Thirteen Mr.” Ning QueAfter a major challenge, embarking on a journey to find Sang Sang after a great change, a thrilling river and lake dispute drama is ready to go, and Sang Sang’s ontology (Yang Chaoyue) will also be in person.In scoring the first season of “The Night”, Ning Que’s actors were replaced from Chen Feiyu to Wang Hedi, and Sang Sang was still starred by Song Yiren.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo