Work out in the office after the break

Work out in the office after the break

During the 7-day holiday of the Spring Festival, many people are busy celebrating New Year’s entertainment, eating and drinking violently, living irregularly, and stopping regular physical exercise.

I want to exercise after the entertainment is almost, but I have to go to work.

In fact, exercise can be performed anytime, anywhere, and you can also work out in the office.

Experts suggest that office workers can do office fitness as follows.


Reverse abdominal breathing method, taking a stand, sitting in a similar position.

Inhale slowly through the nasal cavity, while the abdomen is retracted, the chest is raised, and the lungs are moved downwards. After the lungs are filled with air, they slowly exhale. When exhaling, the abdomen slowly bulges and gradually returns to the original state.

Each breath takes about 7-9 seconds, and each exercise is 5-8 minutes.


Legs naturally open, arms straight up and back up, chest lifted, take a deep breath, stretch shoulder, back, waist muscles, stand still for 3-5 seconds, and then slowly stand uprightExhale again.

When the body feels tired, leave the seat, at least a part, and feel relaxed and stretched.


Take advantage of exercise facilities.

Support your hands at the table, stretch your legs close together and straighten, the entire body and the desktop form an oblique angle (according to your own strength to grasp the tilt angle of the body and the desktop); then, reduce your elbow flexion to lower your body, and the weight of your bodyIn both countries, support the body with two arms for 15-20 consecutive times.


Push the wall.

The height is about 40-50 cm, the legs are as wide as the shoulders, the body is leaning forward, the arms are flexed with both arms resting on it, and then push the wall with both hands to support the body upright to restore the original position, push 15-20 times.