The earliest women are most popular in men

The earliest women are most popular in men

There are many types of women. There are girls and gentleness, but men like certain girls?

Why are girls of the most popular style in men?

  1. A sensible woman knows when to be coquettish and when to cherish him like a child.

If he was a student, she wouldn’t just ask him to skip classes to accompany her to shopping, and would not let him buy luxury goods without financial means.

  If he is already working, she will not blame you for forgetting to call her, and will not ask you to talk sweetly when he is upset at work. Even if you are in a bad mood, she will hold you gently and always stand by his side.

  2. An understanding woman. An informed woman will not always ask him to give in first.

Boys need to understand tolerance and accommodation, not because he is a woman, but because he is a man.

  But she will never be spoiled for this and wait for him to apologize to her from beginning to end, but she will coquettishly with him carefully and ask for his forgiveness.

  3, beautiful but not frivolous woman when she and his friends party together will be beautiful but not glamorous, only occasionally wearing very hot clothes in front of him.

She will always treat him differently from other boys, instead of always showing everyone the beauty of a peacock.


Responsible women In modern times when only men are responsible, women should also be responsible.

Many women are with men for power, for profit, for money, and for power.

  They just use emotion and body as a tool in exchange for what they want.