Little nurse,Surprised:“impossible!There is no one in the emergency room right now!”

“how is this possible,Our family has been guarding the door!”Xia Jian became even more anxious when he heard it。
The little nurse turned on the computer,I read it carefully and said:“An emergency patient arrived at 5:27,But it came out at 5:58,Has been transferred to the intensive care unit”
“what!Is it Xiao??”Xia Jian asked in surprise。
The little nurse nodded and said:“Yes indeed!Surnamed Xiao,Over eighty years old,Because I was very anxious when I came in,So I built a temporary file,The family explained that all the information will be completed by the day”
“Thank you!”Xia Jianyi listen,Rushed back to the door of the emergency room。
When Wang Lin saw Xia Jian,Asked anxiously:“What exactly is going on?There seems to be a light on here,But no one inside,We waited so long,Did not see anyone coming or going”
“Hey!Got it wrong,Mr. Xiao has been transferred to the intensive care unit”Xia Jian shook his head helplessly and said。
The group hurried into the elevator,Go to the critical care room on the 8th floor。When walking to the door,Xia Jian saw where Xiao Xiao was already standing,He couldn’t help but get angry,Step over,Rebuked loudly:“What do you mean?Why not make it clear,So we waited for a long time at the door of the emergency room”
“Did you give me a chance to talk?”Xiao Xiao in front of everyone,Not showing weakness,She roared loudly。
Wang Lin came over,She pushed Xia Jian away,Whispered:“Now is not the time to fight,Besides, this is the hospital”
Her voice just fell,A nurse came over,She rushed to Xia Jian:“This is the hospital,Don’t make a loud noise,Please go outside if you want to fight”
“I do not know!”Xia Jian yelled。The scared nurse turned around and left。Suddenly something happened to Old Xiao,Make Xia Jian mess up,Emotions are a bit out of control。
Xiao Xiao walked to Aunt Ding,Whisper:“Sorry Aunt Ding,I thought you didn’t come,So I didn’t even think about it.”