Love Apartment 5 is scheduled for January 12, Zeng Xiaoxian will say goodbye briefly

“Love Apartment 5” is scheduled for January 12, Zeng Xiaoxian will say goodbye briefly
Syndicate Films and TV, which belongs to Watzekton, co-produced by iQiyi, directed by Wei Zheng, Lou Yixiao, Li Jiahang, Sun Yizhou, Li Jinming, starring, Zhang Yiduo, achievements, starring Wan Zilin, and the urban comedy “Love Apartment 5” starring Chen HeExpose the latest trailer and announce that it will be launched exclusively on iQiyi on January 12.Stills of “Love Apartment 5”.The picture comes from the online trailer. The images of Hu Yifei (Lou Yixiao), Zhang Wei (Li Jiahang), Lu Ziqiao (Sun Yizhou), and Chen Meijia (Li Jinming) have not changed much, but have added a mature atmosphere.In addition, Zhao Haitang (Zhang Yiduo), a big boy who sings and jumps while playing the guitar; Zhuge Dali, a student with short hair and full of energy (results decoration); pushing the curry paste (Wan Zilin decoration) running around Zhang WeiThe personal characteristics of the new members are revealed.The story of “Love Apartment 5” also has some hints to the audience through the trailer: Zeng Xiaoxian (Chen He) and Hu Yifei said goodbye, suggesting that although Zeng Xiaoxian will say goodbye for a short time, he will still return to the love apartment and reunite with his friends; the trailer ends, Is a picture of all actors running in a wedding suit, hinting at the beautiful ending of the season.It is reported that “Love Apartment 5” created a content upgrade based on the traditional situational comedy creation mode.In addition to the innovative integration of elements such as song and dance scripts for the first time, the use of one-shot shooting techniques is to make the story sufficiently pyrotechnic in the content of the script.Throughout the previous four seasons, the daily irritable and domineering female teachers have now become Hu Yifei, who can sing and dance, and will create small romantic surprises for her lovers; Lu Xiaobu, who loves to sway girls, has also successfully upgraded to a super nurse who loves feeding and washing diapers.Dad “old cloth”.Air Force director Wei Zheng once revealed at the press conference that “Love Apartment 5” will never make a sequel again, “I think anything, life and death, has its life cycle, and the drama is the same.”It is the best choice for everyone to end it at this moment, to freeze the good times in everyone’s memories, instead of becoming something we do not like one day in the future.”Wei Zheng said that he will give all characters a good ending in” Love Apartment 5 “, and hope to give a good account to all audiences who love” Love Apartment “.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo