4 keywords for perfect face wash


4 keywords for perfect face wash

Everyone will wash their faces, but the mystery is very different!

To wash out a soft, flexible, shiny and smooth beauty, the skills, strength, and choice of washing products are very different.

  4 Keys to Perfect Washing!

  Cleansing is a super good helper for beautiful skin!

However, please make sure your method is wrong?

Divide the cleansing process into 4 key steps, and clearly discover the NG points to remind you, let you experience the ultimate cleansing skills starting today.

  Before washing your face, be sure to wash it with your hands, and wet your face with water, and then apply the facial cleanser in the palm of your hand, then add some water to knead it into a foam.

  The whole body sweat, the dust on the hands, and the cleansing milk, just apply directly on the dry skin. The more you wash, the more compact and dirty it will be, which will destroy the skin pH and cause a burden on the skin.

  Put the foamy palm on the double jaw and start to massage outward in a spiral direction.

With the tension of the foam, the dirt oil is taken away from the skin surface.

  Unsmoothed facial cleanser can easily make people unconsciously rub or massage at both ends, which will cause skin damage and excessively wash away the protective oils needed for skin texture.

  With continuous flowing water, thoroughly and repeatedly foam and dirt up and washed away, it is best to check the hairline, nose, behind the ears, chin and other parts, whether there is foam remaining.

  Repeated use of no flowing water in the washbasin may cause dirt, washing ingredients to return to the face, and if the remaining foam is added, it is the cause of rough skin and poor acne.

  Please note that after rinsing, it is best to use a soft and soft towel and press gently to absorb excess water naturally, so that the face feels gentle care.

  Hold the towel firmly and rub your face wildly. If you rub or pull too much, it will easily cause skin problems. It will also make your previous efforts and efforts hard.

  A small helper for skin cleansing: 1 to 2 times a week, mix with water and a delicate sponge or cleansing towel, knead it with a facial cleanser (the same is true for facial soap), bring a lot of foam, and then apply it on the face to massage and promote skinCirculation and keratin metabolism, and finally rinse with plenty of water.

  Rubbing the face with a sponge cleansing towel will not only irritate the skin, damage the cuticles, but also cause peeling, redness, and even sagging.

It is recommended that people with acne, dry and sensitive muscles, it is better to wash their face with both hands.