“Why choose my home Haoer?”

“What is your position,You can order my Haoer?”
The old man seems pretty unreasonable,There is no taboo in front of Old Man Dong,The old man Dong who was beaten in the face has remained unchanged,Always silent and not talking,Very weird atmosphere。
“The old man is an expert in the world,Do you also care about mundane things?”
“The problem is that my Haoer is dead。”
“Resist alien invasion,Fight anytime,It is impossible not to die。”Li Tianzhi finally understood,For Li Hao,Zhong Sanpu came to trouble old man Dong,Old man Dong can’t provoke each other,So he threw the pot to him without any morality,No wonder she looks like a rotten persimmon,This is also a condition?Or test?
“Hao’er is dead。”
“What do you want to say?”
“Who is responsible?”
“How are you responsible?”
“Find the murderer,If you can’t find it,I will find you。”
Facing the old man pressing hard,Li Tianzhen also narrowed his eyes,“What position are you?You can order me?”
“Except Haoer,No worries,But you are a hundred years old,Can order you!”
Li Tianzhen laughed,His realm,Old man can’t see through,Or I don’t understand,Logically,This is a taboo in the spiritual world,Can’t see through the opponent’s cultivation,Often illustrates a problem,The opponent’s cultivation base is much higher than yours,Avoid it,Unexpectedly, the old man plays his temper like a child,The pain of losing a loved one is understandable,But it’s not right to rely on the old and sell the old。
In addition,If on this life,Li Tianzhen is indeed only in his early thirties,But how long did Li Xiucheng survive after being combined??Thousands of years?Still tens of thousands of years,He didn’t even calculate it seriously,What the old man said made him laugh and cry。
“Why are you laughing?”Old man pats the table,Furious。
“Laugh you only know how to practice,Do not ask the world,Just don’t ask,Still rely on the old to sell the old。”
“presumptuous!”Zhong Sanpu snorted before and released his strong vitality to test the depth of Li Tianzhi,Is it as powerful as the legend,As for Li Tianzhen, who brags indiscriminately, is from an extraterritorial god world,The old man sneered,With his unique position in the spiritual world,Won’t believe it at all,Even though there are so many alien creatures,Old man won’t believe it。