Two extremes under pressure buildup

Two extremes under pressure buildup

Interpersonal psychological flaws have always felt that change is difficult, or even impossible, to live in depression and pain every day until it evolves into dying.

Psychologist Mr. Zhou Zheng said that this friend’s feeling is very strong. We can’t change some small circumstances, but if 90% of the people are against you, it may be that they have a problem.

We should make about 60% of people support us.

I send you three words “praise people!”

As China ‘s first generation of only children, the special growth experience is accompanied by the extremes of the “post-80s” (especially male) personality: one is fragile and can be strong; the other is strong independenceThey will be very strong in their careers, but because of their lack of “security” deep in their hearts, they are more prone to psychological problems and overwork problems.

Doctors advise them not to let stress build up and cause chronic injuries, and learn to vent.

  Overwork is increasingly favoring young people. The Neurology Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College has just admitted a 28-year-old with a cerebral infarction.

This young man runs a small foreign trade company himself. Last year, his company struggled because of the poor global economic conditions.

Recently, it was difficult to accept a big order. He followed the order day and night, for fear of a little leak, and lost his big customer. He was too tired to refresh himself.

Two days ago, he was suddenly dizzy and nauseated, and could not speak clearly, and his family replaced the hospital.

The doctor’s diagnosis is cerebral infarction due to overwork. Delaying treatment may leave sequelae and even cause death.

  Zhou Borong, director of the psychological clinic of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said that in the past many people’s impressions were that neurology was treating middle-aged and elderly patients, and now more and more young people are being treated. Most of them have also treated an 18-year-old”Overworked” patients.

  Men born in the 1980s are prone to walk. Two extreme overwork can cause cerebral infarction. It is better to understand medically that continuous and continuous work in a closed office environment can easily lead to hypoxia and insufficient blood supply to the brain cells. The development consequence is cerebral infarction.

Why are so many young people overworked?

Director Zhou Borong paid special attention to the psychological problems of men born in the 80s who are currently in the golden period of family establishment, especially the men in the 80s.

  Through observation and analysis, he believes that the post-80s generation is the first generation of only children in China. Due to the different ways of family care, two extremes are prone to occur.

One is that the child is held by the stars at home. Such children have not suffered setbacks, are more vulnerable, sensitive, and easily dependent on others.

Another is that because parents are busy with work, their children lack parental care since childhood. Children who have grown up in such an environment have shown self-reliance since childhood and are very strong on the surface, but they are actually “insecure” and especially eager.Get parents’ attention and recognition through good performance, so when they grow up, they will behave particularly “strongly” at work, work very hard, even workaholics, and subconsciously they are still eager to gain recognition through career success.

The most prone to physical and psychological problems are attachments.

  Tips: Learn to vent your stress and learn about your personality traits. You can seek help from professionals. You can also adjust in your daily life to avoid stress accumulation.

According to the survey, men account for about one-third of the number of psychological clinics. In fact, the proportion of men with psychological problems is much higher than this, which indicates that a considerable number of men are unwilling to face their own psychological problems.

  Compared with women, men do not know how to release stress, especially those men who want to be strong. All stress and distress are hidden in their hearts, pretending to be relaxed in front of family and colleagues.

Zhou Borong said that people are generally more aware of the impact caused by a major incident, and it is easy to ignore the pressure on daily work and life.

In an interview with the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, he gently tapped the back of his left hand with his index finger of his hand to demonstrate: “Don’t look at the intensity of my tapping, but if you keep tapping it like this, the back of the hand will definitely have soft tissue damage, and the damage mayIt’s still big to knock hard.

The same is true for stress. Many people don’t realize that cumulative stress can cause chronic injuries.

Therefore, if you have pressure, you must release it at any time and release it.

“How to release stress?

Many men choose to drink, get drunk, or smoke one by one, or growl in tears.

Zhou Borong said that the release of alcohol through drinking and smoking is easy to form material dependence, and he more recommends singing, jumping, playing, and other release methods through behavior.