Yoga is effective in treating fatigue syndrome

Yoga is effective in treating fatigue syndrome

Take a deep breath, meditate, and meditate . 6 yoga moves, practice every day, persist for about a week, you will find that fatigue and fatigue are swept away, and the physiologically relaxed recommended posture: the reclining Buddha liver is in charge of emotion.

Yoga “lying Buddha style” helps the blood nourish the liver, helps to regulate physical functions, eliminates depression, and reduces fatigue.

  Lie on your side and breathe evenly.

  Inhale, support the ground with a single elbow, the elbows and shoulders are on the same straight line, and the palms naturally rest on the ground.

  Exhale, cross your contracted leg in front of the other leg, and tip your toes sharply against the knee joint that lies flat on your buttocks. Keep breathing evenly.

Control posture 15?
About 30 seconds, change the side and repeat 4?
5 times.

  As long as my research in respiratory medicine shows, “When there are no thoughts in the brain, the brain waves will emit a wave, causing the endorphins in the brain to make the mind happy and calm.

“Yoga practice, one spit and one breath, focus attention on breathing and completely eliminate distractions.

Relaxing mood, comfortable and relaxed-at this moment, I only need to breathe recommended posture: dandelion is sitting in a comfortable position, my lips are closed, and I take a breath, and imagine that I am blowing a dandelion (or take a sage).Exhale shortly through your mouth until the air in the abdominal cavity is completely expelled, and then inhale deeply through your nose.

  15 dandelion breaths + 1 normal breath.

Repeat the exercise for 6 rounds.

  Recommended posture 1: Sky standing posture, inhale with your feet apart, tiptoe, your arms overlap, lift your head above your head and tilt your body to exhale, and your heels will slowly fall to the ground and extend backward.

  Inhale, lift your body with your heels, exhale, and lift your arms flat.

  Recommended posture 2: Dance-style feet close together and look at the ground in front. Lift your right foot and hold it with your right hand to hold the posture for 6 breaths and inhale. Hold the trunk with your left hand (can be lifted or door frame at home) to form a dance style.

Keep your posture, time to put your right foot back to the ground to the limit of comfort, slowly lower your arms, and breathe normally.

Change sides and repeat the exercise.

  Recommended posture 3: Squat lotus half-squat, breathing evenly inhaling, raising the tip of your hips, exhaling, your knees open to the side, the body continues to squat, then inhale, palms close to your chest, exhale, your knees towards both sidesThe end is extended to the limit, the soles of the feet are as opposed as possible, the spine is centered, and the front is maintained for about 15 seconds, and the body slowly stands upright.

Repeat pose 4?
5 times.

  Recommended posture 4: Knee-down on both knees with the latch, stretch your right leg to the right, inhale with your right foot and left knee, and lift flat towards both sides, parallel to the ground, exhale, bend your torso and right arm to your right legKeep your head relaxed and keep your body on a flat surface. Do not twist.

Hold your posture for 1 minute to inhale, straighten your body to exhale, and relax your arms.

Change sides and repeat the exercise.