“Their nest is on half the cliff,Can you hide your breath and fly over?”Zhu Minglang ask Xiaobai Qi。

“You~~~~”Xiao Bai said,It’s easy to hide the breath,But it can’t maintain this form,Turn into an exquisite white dragon。
“Then find a place to let me down,We touch it。”Zhu Minglang said。
Cliff eagle is very cunning,And never pity your companions。
To catch them all at once,The best way is to block them in the nest,Otherwise they can easily escape。
At this point they should be nesting**Divide the spoils,Only a few cliff eagles let out the wind outside,Is a good time to clean them up!
Did this vote,Can make a small fortune。
Zhu Minglang reached the side of the cliff,He saw cracks on the cliff face,There are also many vines,Climbing past with bare hands is not difficult。
Is there Xiaobai by your side,I wish you bright and bold,Saw some snakes and evil birds,Basically, when Bai Qi’s eyes were scared, he retracted。
I wish Minglang stepped on the mountain crevice,Hand holding vine,His skill is not bad,Where is the foundation,Soon he arrived near the cliff’s nest,Relying on an old pine dying to hide。
“Can you keep away those bluffing cliff eagles??”Zhu Minglang asked。
Xiao Bai Qi’s eyes that look like ice white stars glowed slightly,You can feel an unusual wind gradually blowing around the cliff,The strong wind hits the space beyond the cliff,Beat on those cliff eagles。
The wind is not small,Even the flying creatures like cliff eagles have difficulty maintaining balance,They have to fall on those old trees,Avoid this sudden strong wind。
“good chance!”
Zhu Minglang jumped out immediately,Stepped on the protruding part of the rock several times,Then grabbed a vine and fell quickly。
Fall in front of the hole,Zhu Minglang immediately flashed into the cave,And the strong wind outside is also time to stop。
“windy……There should be other outlets。”After Zhu Minglang entered the cliff cave,Frowned soon。
Want this to be the entrance,Zhu Minglang intends to start the raid directly,Forget the few cliff eagles outside,Don’t even want to run in the cave。