How to regulate the diet and diet in a bad stomach

How to regulate the diet and diet in a bad stomach

There are many friends around us who have bad stomachs. In fact, the biggest reason is the irregular diet and work schedule.

How can I adjust my stomach?

The stomach is good, the body can be healthy, and the presupposition of taking medicine and eating is definitely there, so the daily diet is absolute.

  First, the stomach is not good, first remember the 5 tips for nourishing the stomach, regular diet: regular meals, regular quantitative, can form conditioned reflexes, leading to the secretion of digestive glands, more conducive to digestion.

  2, regular quantification: to make a moderate amount of food per meal, 3 meals a day, to the specified time, regardless of hungry or hungry, should take the initiative to eat, to prevent hunger or full.

  3, vitamin C supplement: Vitamin C has a protective effect on the stomach, and the normal vitamin C content in the gastric juice can effectively exert the function of the stomach, protect the stomach and enhance the disease resistance of the stomach.

Therefore, eat more vitamin C vegetables and fruits.

  4, eat less fried food: because this kind of food is not easy to digest, will increase the burden of digestive tract, eat more will cause indigestion, will increase blood lipids, is not good for health.

  5, eat less pickled food: these foods contain a lot of salt and some carcinogens, can not eat more, second, the stomach is not good, can not eat what fruit is not good stomach, it is best not to eat cool fruit, such asRaw pears, persimmons, bananas, pineapples, etc.

Some acidic fruits are prone to cause acidosis in people with chronic gastritis, feel uncomfortable, and cause some irritation to patients with gastric ulcer, so try to eat less or not.

These acidic fruits mainly include persimmons, pomegranates, hawthorns, and grapes.

  In addition, people with weak spleen and stomach are better not to eat cold pears, grapefruit; fasting can not eat tomatoes, oranges, hawthorn, bananas, etc.; people with stomach deficiency should not eat bananas, watermelons.

  Third, the stomach is not good, what food should be eaten 1, corn, corn or half a cup of corn grains contain almost 2 grams of fiber.

  2, kidney bean kidney beans because it looks like the human kidney, it is rich in fiber, protein and iron.

  3, black beans Each cup of black beans contains 15 grams of fiber, and about 15 grams of protein.

  4, the taste of coarse rice is better, but the nutritional value of coarse rice is much higher, and each cup of coarse rice contains 3.

5 grams of fiber.

  5. Whole wheat bread is different from white bread in that it maintains these nutritious and fiber-rich raw materials.

  6, oatmeal oatmeal contains dextran, which is a very special fiber, has a good cholesterol-lowering effect, but also can improve the immune system.

  Fourth, the stomach is not good, what tea should be drunk 1 , black tea people sitting in green tea when they are not eating will feel uncomfortable stomach, this is because the tea contains an important substance – tea polyphenols have astringent, on the stomachA certain stimulating effect, more irritating in the case of fasting.

Black tea is different.

It is a process of fermentation and baking. The polyphenols undergo an enzymatic oxidation reaction under the action of oxidase, and the content is reduced, and the irritation to the stomach is followed.

In addition, the oxidation products of these tea polyphenols can also promote the digestion of the human body, so black tea does not harm the stomach at all, but can nourish the stomach.

Regularly add black tea with sugar, black tea with milk, can reduce inflammation and protect the gastric mucosa.

  2, Pu’er tea Pu’er tea is mild and does not hurt the stomach.

Modern people are nervous, stressful lifestyles, stomach diseases are common, blood is weak, and food is not normal.

Pu’er tea is easy to wash and foam, and the operation is easy and easy.

The pu-erh tea of aging is not bitter, even if it is soaked for a long time.

  3, Osmanthus tea Chinese medicine believes that sweet-scented osmanthus has good medicinal value.

The ancients said that Gui is the longest medicine, so the wine made with osmanthus can achieve the effect of “thousands of life”.

Sweet-scented osmanthus, warm, intestine, into the lungs, large intestine, decoction, tea or soaking orally, with warm and cold, warm stomach and pain, phlegm and stasis, loss of appetite, sputum, asthma, hemorrhoids, ulcer disease, abdominal pain has a certain effect.

Therefore, people with weak spleen and stomach and weak spleen and stomach can drink osmanthus tea warm stomach.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to provide a reference for friends with bad stomach, I wish you good health.