Bo Shuai is absent, Coach Deng goes online!Duncan temporarily coached to win his first career win

Bo Shuai is absent, “Coach Deng” goes online!Duncan temporarily coached to win his first career win
In the summer of 2016, he announced his retirement. At the end of the same year, he retired the antique jersey. As the greatest player in the history of the Spurs, Duncan entered the Spurs coaching staff last summer.After one and a half seasons, due to the absence of Spurs coach Popovich, Duncan stood as a temporary head coach.Duncan took notes on the sidelines.Video screenshot Today, the Spurs challenged the Hornets away, the Spurs are all soldiers, Murray, DeRozan, Forbes and other six players in double figures, the team beat the opponent 104 to 103.Despite following the relevant rules of NBA statistics, this victory was accounted for under Popovich’s name, but for the first time as a temporary head coach, Duncan won the first victory of his coaching career.In fact, this is not the first time Duncan is directing the game on the sidelines. On November 17, 2019, the Spurs lost to the Trail Blazers. Popovich was disqualified from the referee for consecutive technical fouls and was expelled from the field. Duncan had to temporarily bearThe important task of directing the game was only different this time. Duncan commanded the entire game as a temporary coach.”Duncan’s performance is softer. It’s fun to huddle together and talk about tactics.”Especially people like me who have played against Duncan now have to listen to his tactics in a noisy voice, which is great.”As a former opponent on Duncan Stadium, Spurs player DeRozan enjoys this role change.Talking about Duncan ‘s first coaching debut, Mills praised the old teammate, “He knows he has adapted to this position and every player is listening to him.Regardless of the situation, he remained calm and calm, and the suggestions were very effective. Everyone listened to his arrangements.It’s hard to imagine that this is his first game as a head coach, and he responds well on the court.”On the contrary, Duncan himself was rather humble, and he did not alternate jokes in an interview with reporters.” Our coaching staff has Harmon and Will preparing for the game. They have completed all the tactical arrangements. I am the only one standing on the sidelines and shoutingCaller, this is meaningless.Popovich will be back, and I am happy to hand over this position to him.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreads Wei Zhuo