What to eat after running a fitness diet

What to eat after running a fitness diet

Running arithmetic is one of the more energy-consuming exercises. Nutritional supplementation after running is very important. How to make your running healthier through diet conditioning and what to eat after running is the key!

So what do you know to eat after running?

What are the benefits of running?

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  What to eat after running 1, eat more plant seeds such as cereals, beans, kernels or food made from them. Why are plant seeds?

Because the seeds (including grains, beans, tree fruits, etc.) contain the basic nutrients of grown plants, sample proteins, necessary small amounts, and some biologically active compounds (such as phenols, ferulic acid, etc.)Is an antioxidant).

  Experiments have proved that eating sufficient amounts of plant seeds, such as cereals and legumes, daily can effectively promote physical health and maintain a healthy weight.

People who eat more cereals and beans can also effectively prevent diabetes and certain cancers.

Eat 5 different colors of fruit and vegetable substitutes every day. Fruits and vegetables can provide vitamins, minerals, etc. needed by the body, provide the necessary calories, and effectively help people maintain a healthy weight.

But starting today, you might as well pay attention to their colors-yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, and so on.

  The red in pomegranate comes from anthocyanins, the red in tomatoes comes from lycopene, and the bright yellow in sweet potatoes comes from beta carotene.

These pigments are effective against cancer, prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and enhance memory.

In addition, since these pigments are mainly antioxidants, they can reduce the irritability caused by diseases and heavy exercise.

  Studies have found that pigments need to work in combination with one another. Interviews can do their job, which is why eating at least five colors of fruit or vegetables is recommended every day.

Also, eating only the pigments you think is useful, some beta-carotene will not achieve the health effects of eating whole sweet potatoes at all.

  3, the plant food even peels the fruit. The epidermis also contains a lot of starch and a variety of fibers.

These plasmas help the healthy growth of intestinal cells, reduce the chances of constipation and hemorrhoids, improve appetite, and maintain a healthy weight.

  These fibers can also prevent conversion and absorption of about 3% -4%, which is one of the reasons why fruits and vegetables can lose weight.

  4. Drink milk daily and eat fresh milk. Dairy products (including cheese, yogurt, yogurt, etc.) should become part of the daily diet of runners.

In addition to calcium supplements and bone health, milk has other benefits.

  For runners, dairy products provide enough protein to muscles to enhance their recovery capabilities.

And whey protein can also effectively strengthen the immune system.

What’s even more amazing is that studies have found that the use of dairy products in weight loss products can help eliminate more aunts.

There are active lactobacilli that can effectively enhance immunity and implant constipation.

  It is necessary to add a lot of food after exercise, but certain foods are suitable for eating after exercise, we must master.