What ghost is in your heart?

What ghost is in your heart?

Translation: One day, in the forest, a big fat pig and a small lean pig met a big wolf. How do you think this story is more reasonable?

  A, the big fat pig scared the small lean pig and said, “The big wolf is going to eat you!

B, the lean pig said to the big wolf: “I am thin and small, but I can make more meat sausages with fat pigs.

C, the big fat pig said to the small lean pig, “Don’t be afraid, I am big and strong and can protect you.”

D, big fat pigs and small lean pigs have been eaten by the big wolf!

  E, these three completely good friends test results: the “ghost” in your heart is a hegemonic general no matter how docile you look, but deep inside, you have a lot of superiority beyond ordinary people.

You also often feel quite confident about your talents in certain areas.

Even if you help others, you can show your superiority!

  The “ghost” in your heart is a timid little girl. Your heart lacks a sense of security.

Small abnormalities can make you depressed for a few days.

If you can’t convince yourself, the comfort of others is often useless!

To protect yourself, your thoughts and behaviors can also become aggressive because of fear!

  The “ghost” in your heart is an optimistic, “hero” with a sense of justice. You have a fair view of the world, recognize the coexistence of good and evil; and believe that through your own efforts and the efforts of everyone, evil can be overcome.

Therefore, in daily life, as long as there is room for hard work, you will work hard to move forward, and it is not so easy for you to submit!

  The “ghost” in your heart is a mature old man. You have a maturity that is not commensurate with your age. You are over-thinking like an old man. You use inertial thinking to look at things in progress.The opportunity to work hard.

Even if I really really like something, I will consciously treat it as “irrational request”, and it is really hard!

  The “ghost” in your heart is a naive and optimistic child. You believe that the world is beautiful, and that evil things will eventually be touched by beauty.

Therefore, you are usually not prepared for others.

Or you are in a privileged environment where there is no chance of you being harmed.

But if you are in a vacuum like this, if you are injured, you will often be hurt more than anyone!