“You never convinced me?”When the teenager noticed the guardian speaking,Eyes have been staring at the foundation stone of the holy fire in his hand。

“Why should I convince you?”
“You are called the guardian of the temple?”
“Not bad,How are you?”
“The temple is mine,You can get out!”
“Who admits that the temple is yours?I just refuse!”
“Dissatisfied,I will fight until you are convinced。”The boy’s voice just fell,Then he hit the guardian’s eye socket with a fist.,Vigorously,Riveted enough strength。
The guardian also expected the boy to take action,But didn’t avoid it,Bang,Body fly out,Fell very embarrassed,It has just been cleaned by the white smoke of the mysterious land,Vitality,I will raise it for a while,It is difficult to return to the previous peak state,Only stiff mouth、The characteristics of stubborn temper have been maintained at the peak。
Humming for a long time,The guardian can stand up,Unexpectedly yet to stand firm,Got a punch head-on,This punch is more powerful,The Guardian fell further。
“You are fascinated by that big eyeball,Hate oneself,Right or wrong,You forgot the teaching of the Holy Spirit,I forgot the rules of the Five Elements Palace,Laozi is upright,Palace Master Formally Sitting,You are so angry with me,Who gave you the courage?You are still called the guardian。”
The boy’s third punch once again beat the Guardian away,The whole temple of five elements is shaking。
“I convinced it all,You count that scallion?”Young man talking,The right hand holds up the foundation stone of the Holy Fire,The black flames flicker in the snow-white stone ring,Seeing all this seems to be quite timid。
“Tell me,How do big eyes confuse you?”
Bang!After the fourth punch,The body of the guardian is directly attached to the wall,Under the great injury,It has nothing to fight back,The stinking bad temper gradually shaken。